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Create and edit your own versions of the Rubik cube
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Rubik cube is a three-dimensional puzzle that was very popular in the 1908's. Although today it is not very common to see people playing it everywhere, the cube is still rather popular. This program is an electronic version of the cube, but not only that; it also lets you create your very own, Rubik-inspired puzzles. The program lets you choose from 5 basic shapes: cube, octahedron, tetrahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. Once you have chosen the basic shape you want to use, you can add three different types of cutting planes which can be parallel to the sides, to the points and to the edges. Those planes can be mixed together to add more difficulty to the resulting puzzle. And if this was not enough, you can tie together as many of the small parts of the cube as you want so they will need to be rotated together, thus making the puzzle even more challenging. Once you have finished your puzzle, you can scramble it or ask the program to do so. To rotate any of the faces or points, you need to click on it with your mouse. Also, you can rotate the whole puzzle by clicking on the surrounding area and dragging the cursor as desired.
In sum, the program is very entertaining, although not very easy to use. Also, many of the created puzzles can be very difficult to solve. Nevertheless, if you enjoy this type of challenges, this program will delight you.

Victor Hernandez
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